Monday, April 29, 2013

Kerry Kennedy All Set To Legitimize Scientology Human Rights Abuses on May 1

Roger Friedman at Showbiz411 reports that human rights advocate Kerry Kennedy has accepted an invitation to speak at an event on May 1 for the Scientology front group Artists For Human Rights.

Human rights abuses in Scientology have been increasingly exposed in the media and in the recent books  Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief by Pulitzer-Prize winner Lawrence Wright and Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape by Jenna Miscavige Hill, the niece of Scientology leader David Miscavige.

Wright’s and Miscavige Hill’s  books document human rights abuses in Scientology organizations including fraud, coerced abortion, child labor, false imprisonment, campaigns of terrorization, destruction of families, and other human rights abuses.

A video interview by Huffington Post’s Ahmed Shihab Eldin with Jenna Hill gives a vivid sense of the abuses as Hill personally experienced them growing up in Scientology and serving as a member of its elite Sea Org corps of dedicated Scientologists that run everything in Scientology’s world-wide organization.

Kerry Kennedy is a daughter of murdered Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, and she is the Honorary President of the Robert F. Kennedy Center For Justice and Human Rights, which she established in 1987.

Actress Anne Archer was drawn into Scientology through the acting classes of Scientologist Milton Katselas at the Beverley Hills Playhouse and was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in the 1987 hit film Fatal Attraction.

According to Beverley Hills Playhouse Executive Director Allen Barton, before Katselas died in 2008 Scientology launched a “jihad” on Katselas around 2003 spearheaded by Scientologist motivational speaker and host of the National Geographic show Turnaround King Grant Cardone that was intended to ruin Katselas’ reputation.

Barton has left Scientology and the Beverley Hills Playhouse has no longer has any connection with Scientology.  It recently premiered Barton’s new play Years To The Day which PJ Media CEO Roger Simon has praised enthusiastically.

Barton has recently told the story of Scientology’s heart-breaking cruelty in forbidding his impoverished classical piano mentor, 90-year-old Scientologist Mario Feninger, from receiving badly needed financial help he requested from Barton.

Anne Archer founded Artists For Human Rights in 2006.  It is one of a number of “human betterment and humanitarian” front groups Scientology has established to legitimize Scientology in the eyes of society.

Scientology’s Narconon drug rehabilitation front group has been much in the news for deaths alleged to have occurred due to medical malfeasance in Oklahoma, and police recently raided Narconon offices in Atlanta on Saturday and hauled away a van loaded with documents and computers for an investigation into possible fraudulent activity.

The Church of Scientology maintains that its front groups for are totally independent and the Church exercises no control over them.

This contention has been exposed as false by numerous reports from former Scientologists including a former executive director of Narconon Arrowhead, Lucas Catton, in his recent book Have You Told All? and in a recent interview on NBC’s Rock Center.

All Scientology-related entities and front groups are under the direct control of the Church of Scientology, which is micromanaged by David Miscavige through a thicket of interlocking corporate and legal entities.

Human rights front groups are particularly appealing because they provide cover for Scientology’s own human rights abuses, legitimize Scientology as a beneficent organization, and build a network of support against Scientology critics.

Youth For Human Rights International (YFHRI) is aimed at young people. The Citizens Commission For Human Rights (CCHR) pretends it is defending the right to chose one’s mental health care but is in fact an anti-psychiatry hate group according to former American Psychiatric Association President Nada Stotland, M.D.

By accepting the invitation to speak at Artists For Human Rights on May 1 Kerry Kennedy has decided to use her celebrity power to legitimize Scientology and its human rights abuses.

It cannot be the case that Kerry Kennedy is ignorant of the credible allegations and evidence of Scientology human rights abuses – numerous people have brought them to her attention by emails and on Twitter and FaceBook.

According to the website of the Robert F. Kennedy Center For Justice and Human Rights Kerry Kennedy’s mantra is: Speak Truth To Power.

Kennedy ought never to have accepted Anne Archer’s invitation, and should probably cancel her appearance even now.

If she is serious about Speaking Truth To Power she will take the opportunity on May 1 to call Anne Archer and other Scientology celebrities like Tom Cruise to acknowledge human rights abuses in the Church of Scientology and bring pressure to end them.

Kennedy will speaking on May 1 at the home of Anne Archer and her Scientologist husband “big time television producer” Terry Jastrow.