Saturday, October 23, 2010

Anti-Islamist Strategy for the Mosque Wars

The New English Review is an excellent resource for understanding anti-Islamist strategy and tactics in the Shariah War attack on Islam and Muslims. Jerry Gordon is consistently insightful with journalistic integrity in his reporting. The writers are sharp and stellar. The links page is a who’s who of the anti-Islamist alliance.

In his article Mega-Mosque Conflicts in America Gordon reports in fine detail the mosque controversies in Murfreesboro and Brentwood in Tennessee and Temecula in California. He lays out an anti-Islamist strategy for the mosque wars:

Tennessee as an exemplar for opposing Mosques and Sharia

Tennessee is a battleground in contending with the visible aspects of Islamization in America. It is also a testing ground for developing a multi-pronged strategy involving:

· Education and research on issues;

· Fielding informed anti-Jihad and Sharia political candidates; and,

· Developing a litigation strategy for citizen suits assuring local authorities’ exercise of police powers for investigation of collateral and background issues for clearance of Mosque development projects.

Education and research:

Tennessee’s media is dominated by print and some electronic media that are uninformed about Islamic doctrine and have a tendency to view community conflicts over mosque development and possible introduction of Sharia for domestic dispute resolution and finance through a prism of multi-culturalism. Nonetheless, education about these issues has come through alternative media and grass roots activism.

Fielding informed anti-Jihad and Sharia political candidates:

Tennessee has the good fortune of political candidates in both parties who have become knowledgeable about anti-Jihad and Sharia issues in both statewide and Congressional races. We have mentioned Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey who is running for Governor in the GOP primary, but equally knowledgeable is Congressman Zach Wamp, of the 3rd CD covering Eastern and Middle Tennessee who is a contender in the same gubernatorial primary.

Developing a litigation strategy:

At the beginning of this article, we noted the comments of Solomon, a former Muslim Shariah jurist who raised the issue that mosques, unlike churches and synagogues or other houses of worship, may be engaged in indoctrination that could be in violation of Article Six of the US Constitution. Islam demands of its adherents complete loyalty to Sharia, with the ultimate penalty of a death fatwa for treasonous apostasy, a violation of US civil rights and religious bias laws. Thus, any evidence to that effect based on the manuals and doctrinal materials found in mosques or provided under oath by Islamic law experts might be used in litigation to question whether mosques meet the standards and definitions under Federal and State RFRA laws and statutes.


Thus, it would appear that local authorities can exercise Constitutional police powers to conduct investigations and due diligence of local Mosques requesting clearances to substantially modify and expand facilities.

I have not seen a clearly articulated counter-strategy from Muslims and their Jewish and Christian supporters. The anti-Islamists command an increasing wave of enthusiasm and activism supported by intellectually articulated positions at New English Review and elsewhere with Shariah: The Threat To America as their handbook.

As far as I can tell Muslims and their allies have minimized the threat of the anti-Shariah tsunami that is headed their way and need to go into disaster preparedness mode.

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